We had a magical poetry workshop with Poets Jude Lally and Jim Lally! An amazing afternoon with thoughtful words and hearts!
A little sampling:

Windows its right here.
It’s the same thing with this
One too.
Bongos. Round this me at the
I see the floor the same color
That’s it.

Letter. I like. Who is this me?
And this one here? Same thing?
Same thing? Or not? Yea I
Guess colors.

“Portrait of America”
Right here
He is by me
What can best
Be her
He could use
Some glasses
Right down
To Remember
Look at him
Right here
He is a sucker
Two are the same
Right here
This is the
Same thing

Yellow shirt glad
Yeah, year uhuh uhuh, I am glad
I’m sad when the sky falls
Today I am glad
I and the girl
Are the same