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Unlearn Fear + Hate

It is unfortunate that discrimination against individuals with disabilities still exists. Often individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are viewed as “different”. Though people tend to forget that everyone is different, with or without a disability. Inspired by UNLEARN FEAR + HATE’s message, Latitude artist, Maddison Parsons, was honored to participate in this inspiring movement. To Maddison, everyone is beautiful, playful, and vibrant, no matter one’s race, ethnicity, religion, gender or identity. Join the movement. Encourage others to unlearn fear and hate! 

UNLEARN FEAR + HATE is an intervention into the life of a city-- encouraging public dialogue and civic engagement. Unlearn Fear + Hate by Lexington-based artists, Kremena Todorova and Kurt Ghode, is a participatory human rights and justice art project. 

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Now showing at:

Third Street Stuff and Coffee

257 N. Limestone Lexington, KY 40507



Unlearn Fear + Hate

Unlearn Fear + Hate