Breaking Stereotypes: Latitude at The Parachute Factory

Breaking Stereotypes: Latitude Arts is a small art studio located in the Warehouse District
– tucked away from the busy city lifestyle. Serving all people with an emphasis on those who have an intellectual and developmental disability, Latitude advocates for those needing assistance. However, disability does not mean inability. Often individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are viewed as “different”. Though, people tend to forget that everyone is different, with or without a disability. At Latitude, we embrace our differences by breaking the stereotypes and introducing new perspectives. Breaking Stereotypes is an exhibition encouraging and accepting diversity—embracing one’s unique personalities and one’s way of life. The Parachute Factory and Latitude Artist Community invites the community to advocate, encouraging social equity where it is needed most. 

Breaking Stereotypes ( July 2017)

Breaking Stereotypes (July 2017)