Latitude takes the stage!

Our artists were featured on Lexington's local new channel, WKYT. After hearing about the unfortunate tragedies in Dallas, Texas and Baton Rouge, LA, our artists created a unique work of art. This piece honored the bravery and heroism of our local heroes, the Lexington Police. Watch the news segment and read the article below!

By Caitlin Centner, WKYT

Heroes, 2016

Heroes, 2016

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - They're showing unity through art. Latitude Arts in Lexington gives people with disabilities a creative outlet and many of the artists recently showed their appreciation for Lexington police by coming up with a unique work of art.

"Bailey over here, she's an artist," Kenny Taylor said about one of the instructors at Latitude.

Taylor is acting modest because he's an artist, too. He's been doing artwork for 15 years but recently one of his buddies had an idea, to make something one-of-a-kind.

Lieutenant Jeremy Tuttle described the art, "One person drew the badge. One person drew the whistle. One person drew the K9, which I thought was a poodle but apparently it's a German Shepard."

The idea for the painting stemmed from recent shootings. One of the artists was bothered by the violence.

In a letter to police the artists wrote, "A big thank you for all of your bravery and heroism - a million times thank you for all the obstacles you encounter."

"I know that we're loved here. You know, they really appreciate what we do here because they can do anything they want here, but they choose to honor us with pictures and drawings and paintings and all kinds of art and it's amazing," Officer Kevin Jones said.

Officers say they learned a ton from their new friends, but they'll be sticking to their day jobs.

"I have no artistic skill at all and to see what they were doing is very, very, very nice," Tuttle said.

Lexington police plan to hang the new painting up at the department.