Natalie Montogmery

“I draw marsupials& old people. Younger and old. I like to draw kangaroos especially because I like marsupials – because they have pouches: koalas, wombats, Australian animals. Old people, wrinkles- lines in the face and skin, because they live for a long time. I like drawing senior citizens because they walk with a cane. Because they’re retired. I like to draw bathrooms & people using the toilet and shower. Perspective/anime bathroom, U-turn plumbing. Big eyes. I like anime people more than real people. I like to draw young people: infants, toddlers, children, young teens, adults & nudes. I like to draw kitchens, building, indoor/outdoor & vehicles. Planet Earth & space.” – NM

Anime, not to be confused with Western cartoons, captures Natalie Montgomery’s attention like nothing else (except drawing). She’s inspired by stills and fan art of shows like Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist, but it’s the anime style: bright colors, dark outlines, cel shading, and succinct lines, that incites her to create the work you see in her portfolio. Natalie has shown in a few gallery shows in Lexington, KY and has work in private collections.