Beverly Baker

“Baseball; numbers, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10; Ladies, necklaces, earrings, necks, cologne, Poocat, Bill – wears good cologne, Mia – puppy dogs, going to church. Ladies that smell good; ring, “My Love”. I like ink because it’s black. ABC, brown eyes. Ladies that are blonde & they smell good, watch TV: Scooby Doo! Chocolate cake & chocolate eggs, cookies, M&M, yogurt & spoon; CHOCOLATE! Clothes, pretty paint, pink, eyeshadow, brown eyes & shirts, kitty cats, “my house and Poocat”, pudding & Cool Whip, chocolate bunnies & eggs, 2! Jelly Belly jelly beans, lips & makeup, ghosts, witches & “Trick or Treat”; prefers drawing big instead of small. Damsels in Distress, “My Love” – heart, sleep/snore; Meryl Streep is an angel.” – BB

Beverly Baker begins and ends her work with her name and a scaffold made of ink pen swoops. She layers long, curving lines -- like airplane trajectories -- and compact scribbling until the paper is swallowed up in a swirling, swooping, plunging, pitching whirlwind of jet, coal, ebony, black bean, and licorice. In 2014, Beverly contributed to the Outsider Art Fair in NYC, had a solo exhibition at the Drawing Now Paris show, and shown in several group shows at locations including christian berst art brut Paris and NYC. She’s been an artist at Latitude Artist Community since its inception in 2001.

photograph by Katelynn Ralston


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American, contemporary.
Born 1961, Versailles, Kentucky.